Eulalie is a bedroom producer based in Kyoto, Japan.

She composes, arranges and performs music, and does much of the music video creation herself.
She released single “Car Blinker” on the UK’s Dream catalogue in 2019.
Also She joined compilation albums , like  “Dream Residue (VILL4IN)” and “Visions and Prophetic Dreams( NO PROBLEMA TAPES )” in 2020.

Her first EP “Sleep & I’ll be decent” was released in May 2020 on the US label Forgot Imprint.
In spite of the fact that the song is in Japanese, it has been played on NTS and BBC radio.




2019年には英Dream catalogueよりシングル”Car Blinker”、2020年には米Forgot Imprintより初のEP”Sleep&I’ll be decent”をリリースし、チリのNO PROBLEMA TAPESよりコンピレーション”Visions and Prophetic Dreams”、カナダのVILL4INよりコンピレーションアルバム”Dream Residue”に参加。

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