👁‍🗨Release👁‍🗨 Participated in the compilation album “Ambient Punk Vol.Ⅲ” by Pure Life

I participated in the Ambient Punk Vol. III compilation organised by the Pure Life.

4 sets of artists combine to make 4 original long-form collaborative tracks.

I participated in the third song, “Fantasea”.

It was released on vinyls and cassette tapes as well as digitally. Visual artists have also created a video for each track. The video was released as a VHS tape and premiering on the Youtube channel Vapor Memory.

Release Information :

Ambient Punk Vol.Ⅲ / Various Artists

Release Date : 2 September 2022
Label : Pure Life ( https://purelifetapes.bandcamp.com/)

Track List / Artists :

01. N E U R O G E N E S I S

Elegance of the Damned – twitter.com/EleganceDamned
The Microgram – twitter.com/TheMicrogram
Crosspolar – twitter.com/crosspolar
w u s o 命 – twitter.com/wusodream
Twin Galaxxies – twitter.com/twingalaxxies
Video Artist :: DYSTOPIK – twitter.com/DYSTOP1K

02. C H I M E R A T E C H

Room 208 – twitter.com/room__208
Phorme – twitter.com/phormemusic
D R O I D R O Y – twitter.com/D_R_O_I_D_R_O_Y
nightshroud – twitter.com/nightshroud2501
Rashida Prime – twitter.com/rAsHiDaPrImE
Video Artist :: YOVOZOL – twitter.com/yovozol

03. F A N T A S E A

w baer – twitter.com/wbaer22
CMD094 – twitter.com/cmd094
Sangam – twitter.com/HVRTSangam
Eulalie – twitter.com/eeulaliee
輕描淡寫 – twitter.com/qmdx_
Video Artist :: mingkurray – twitter.com/mingkurray

04. A B Y S Z

Ex Aquis – twitter.com/exaquis
Remember – twitter.com/remember4802
BROKEN_CANYON – twitter.com/broken_canyon
CRYOSAUNA – twitter.com/crystalrain991
Diamondstein – twitter.com/DiamondsteinAV
Video Artist :: CINEMA AV – twitter.com/cinema_av3

Logo Design and Vinyl Layout :: CHKLTK – www.instagram.com/chkltk/
Additional Design and Tape Layout :: Panta Rhei
Animation/Promo Videos :: WDE – www.instagram.com/vera_masyutina/
Mastering :: HOLOSUITE – holosuitemastering.com

Bandcamp : https://purelifetapes.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-punk-vol-iii