👁‍🗨Release👁‍🗨 コンピレーションアルバム”RENAISSANCE”に参加しました。

Dream Catalogueの10周年記念コンピレーション”RENAISSANCE”にShima 33とのコラボ楽曲”(Only) Sweet Naive Memories”で参加しました。

Release Information :


Released From Dream Catalogue

Release Date : 2024年1月30日

Track List :

1. fdsdf – IRC
2.Hard K – Bottle Let Me Grind
3.Eternity Devil – Attitude
4.Mutilomaquia – Sperm On The Floor
5.Blood Couture – Swollen Future
6.Remember – Takes One To Know One
7.Elegance Of The Damned – In Memory Of When I Cared
8.HKE – Psycho Money
9.Fentanyl Embrace – Half-Death
10.Sangam – Digital Waste
11.w u s o 命 – What Are We Doing Here?
12.Miann – emptycave, full of yourself
13.Archizer – Summon The Machine
14.Free Refills – In Your Car
15.Aloysius Scrimshaw – F3EL
16.Shima33 x Eulalie – (Only) Sweet Naive Memories
17.Hong Kong Express x LEGIO X – Guitar Hero
19.New Shoppe – Killed & Hung On A Tree
20.Haircuts For Men – Perverse Enigma
21.fdsdf – Burnerz (1st Session)
22.EternalFame – HEX
23.DJ Sugar C – Frazzledrip
24.Bryant Canelo – Sent From My iPhone
25.DCT – Unease
26.The Microgram – Distillate
27.Wei x Matt F – Angel’s Den
28.Cacola – Blank Banshee Sucks
29.Omar Teknology – Bots
30.The Monarch – SEQU-42069
31.WDE x Sangam – Gestures
32.May x Subaeris – Turnin Into Anime

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